Welcome to a journey back in time, right here in the heart of Reno, Nevada. We are Midtown Antiques – a trove of history that offers you a unique trip into the past.

From the moment you cross our threshold, we transport you back in time. Our friendly staff and the ambiance of our store invite you to wander through aisles filled with old-world charm, where each artifact holds a story waiting to be discovered.

The Allure of Midtown Antiques

What sets us apart is our vast and eclectic range of items. Whether you’re a passionate collector, a history buff, or just a casual shopper looking for unique home décor, we at Midtown Antiques have something for everyone.

Our collection is a testament to Reno’s rich history and the broader narrative of American cultural heritage. Victorian furniture, Art Deco jewelry, vintage postcards, antique dolls – you can find them all under our roof.

Uncovering Reno’s History

While Reno is famous for its casinos and entertainment scene, its history is encapsulated in the antiques and artifacts we house. As you explore our store, you can uncover Reno’s past: antique silver mined from the surrounding mountains, vintage casino paraphernalia echoing the city’s colorful past, and historical photos painting a vivid picture of life in Reno over a century ago.

The Thrill of the Hunt

We believe in the thrill of the hunt. With our ever-changing inventory, there’s always a chance you’ll stumble upon a piece that calls out to you. Every item in Midtown Antiques holds its own history, often a mystery that sparks the imagination.

Perhaps it’s an ornate vintage lamp that once illuminated a 1920’s speakeasy, or an early 20th-century pocket watch that kept time for a railroad worker. The possibilities are as vast as our collection, and we are always here to assist you in your exploration.

Investing in Antiques

Beyond owning a piece of history, antiques represent an investment. The pieces you find at Midtown Antiques are not only aesthetically pleasing but often appreciate in value over time. When you purchase an antique from us, you’re investing in a tangible asset as well as the craftsmanship and historical significance it embodies.

A Step Back in Time

A visit to Midtown Antiques is a voyage back in time. It’s not just about purchasing items; it’s about the narratives they carry, the history they encapsulate, and the charm they lend to our modern lives. We at Midtown Antiques in Reno invite you to explore, discover, and own a piece of history.

Join us on this antiquing adventure in Reno, where the past is brought to life at Midtown Antiques.